Handy Tip #1 – Resetting your unit

We have had a night of crazy weather! It this really summer?!

Reports from the ABC news website say that “a line of thunderstorms moved across South Australia last night, dumping heavy rain including 58 millimeters at Leigh Creek, 49mm at Little Para Reservoir, 45mm at Edinburgh and 38mm at Wudinna.”

Strong winds were also recorded, with a wind gust reaching 111 kilometers per hour at the Adelaide Airport, while there were also 72 lightning strikes in two hours.

Below is a few twitter posts from the events of last night!

There were also reports of thousands of blackouts, and as a result of this, (once your power comes back) your air conditioning unit may not be functioning properly. Follow theses steps to help your system return to normal operation…

  • Reset your unit by turning off the circuit breaker at the power box
  • leave it off for around 15-45 mins

Note: Turning off the power from the power box can clear the memory of the air conditioning functions as it was doing beforehand. 

  • Turn it back on after an hour.
  • Turn the unit back on from the master controller and see how the system runs.
  • Check for error codes

If your system has error codes and still won’t operate, call us on 1300 885 247 to book in for a service, or possible repair.

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