Handy Tip #2 – Cleaning Air Conditioning Filters

Air conditioner filters require regular cleaning or replacing. As filters accumulate and gather dust, they block up, and as a result, reduce airflow and the cooling or heating capacity of the air conditioner. In addition, some types of air conditioners lose filtration efficiency as they become dirtier. Some filters are located in hinged filter frames, attached to the return air grille. These filters are typically residential filters. They are, more often than not, washable with water. If water by itself is not cleaning the filter sufficiently, use a mild detergent. These filters usually require very frequent cleaning. It is recommended to clean the filter every 3-4 weeks.

If these filters are not regularly cleaned, impurities such as dust particles may accumulate on these filters and clog them. Therefore cleaning your filters often ensures that your system is running at the peak efficiency. Sometimes your system may not be operating efficiently just because it is dirty. You should be careful when you are attempting to clean the unit, as you could damage it if care is not used.

By following the above tips, your air conditioner will be always working at its peak performance.

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