The warm week ahead…

The last day of Summer is upon us, and it is ending, but not without a bang!

The southern mainland states will be the places where the real heat will be felt with a run of consecutive days in the high 30’s in Adelaide. By midweek, the city will be sunny, clear and scorching. Melbourne won’t be quite as blistering but the Victorian capital is still in for a run of plus 30C days and blue and sunny skies. The further inland you get, the hotter it’s going to be with forecast highs of 35C in Wodonga on Thursday and 37C in Mildura on Wednesday.

Below is a video post from the ‘Ten Eyewitness News Adelaide’ Facebook page outlining this upcoming week for Adelaide.

So, stay cool on our last day of Summer, and don’t forget to give us a ring and book Mr. Goodair in if your air conditioning unit is in need of any type of work. Autumn, here we come!

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