‘Female Friendly Pty Ltd’ is leading the way for every women to receive the highest standards in customer service. We know it is important to listen to women, they have a massive buying power and influence over purchase decisions which demand attention, and they make 80% of all buying decisions.

Female Friendly accredits and recognises businesses that comply with our Female Friendly Accreditation standards. We search for the following criteria in a business looking to become Female Friendly Accredited (some standards vary depending on the industry being accredited)

  • Used and recommended by women – written testimonials displayed on the Female Friendly website so you can view what previous customers thought of the business
  • Written and explained (in layman’s terms) quotes prior to any work
  • Police checks on business’s employees that may visit your property for piece of mind
  • Experienced and qualified staff who have high customer service skills
  • Clean and accessible location, including child and pram friendly



To the customer it means the business they are trusting in has successfully complied with the Female Friendly customer service standards. They will not have to worry about being ripped off or disappointed, and more importantly, the service provided will be justified and correct.

For your business, having the Female Friendly Pink Tick and Silver Shield prominently displayed on your business premises and vehicles will communicate to women that they will be treated with respect by you and your staff, they will feel safe and comfortable using your business which will make them more likely to be satisfied with the experience of dealing with you and feel comfortable recommending your business to other women.



Female Friendly accreditation was established late 2007 after and Adelaide housewife and mother of 4 (Kylie Jacobs) discovered the need to recognise mechanics who, by their customers, are considered to be Female Friendly.

Firstly, it would place women in front of honest and trustworthy mechanics so they could confidently proceed without worrying if they were going to be ripped off or not. Secondly, it was for the sake of the good mechanics out there who are unfortunately painted with the same ‘brush of bad paint’ when the word “mechanic” is mentioned.

Who better to tell us where these mechanics are than females? Kylie asked the women to nominate them, and after meeting a simple list of requirements to become accredited, these mechanics were listed on the Female Friendly website. Soon other industries were also being accredited and now with the help of her sisters, this national company is about to become international!

Please visit the Female Friendly website for more information.