Handy Tip #4 – Winter is Here!

Winter is here, and it’s cold outside! As the temperature drops, your home should be an escape from the elements (and the White Walkers!), but with the rising cost of electricity it’s understandable if you’re reluctant to turn on the reverse cycle air conditioner as often as you’d like. That’s why we’ve put together some clever tips to help you reduce your winter heating bill while keeping your house toasty warm.





On sunny days (not that they are often this winter), make sure you open your curtains and blinds. That way you can harness the natural heat of the sun and your air con doesn’t have to work as hard to heat your home. Don’t forget to close the curtains as the sun goes down to trap all that lovely heat inside.



Keep in mind the “heat rises” lesson we all learned in primary school and use standing fans or ceiling fans to cut your air conditioners workload by taking advantage of airflow. Quite simply, make sure that you are using your air conditioner’s directional airflow feature to push warm air down.



One of the biggest drains on your heating appliance is your house itself. Poor insulation, cracked seals, cold floors and drafty doors are all energy-wasting culprits. You’ll save a bundle if you attend to these trouble spots around the house. Even if you can’t replace your seals or insulation, you can still make a big difference by repairing window seals, hanging thick curtains, covering the floors with rugs and blocking out drafts with door snakes, or Hodor…



Excerpt above taken from the Panasonic blog.

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