Protect and Purify Your Home With Safe T Air!

Get your air-conditioner cleaned and purified with our new Original Safe T Air eliminates harmful mould, bacteria & nasty odours naturally and is made with 100% natural Australian Tea Tree Oil. Install yourself or get it fitted as part of general maintenance or service.

It’s not just coughs and colds. University tests show Original Safe T air inhibits the 20 most common bacteria, yeasts, and moulds that circulate through air conditioning systems. These bugs can cause flu like symptoms, pneumonia, food poisoning, skin rashes, bleeding noses, conjunctivitis, scaled skin infections, golden staph, ear infections, and more……

✔ Made, and used, in Australia since 2000.   

✔ Proven to be completely safe and effective.

✔100% Natural active ingredients, including Australian Tea Tree oil

✔ Deodorizes organically derived smells such as urine, cooking, beer, & tobacco.

✔ Eliminates moulds, and mustiness under houses, in buildings, marine craft, and wardrobes.

✔ Reduces coughs and infections spread by ducted heating and air conditioning (HVAC) systems.

✔ Ideal filter bed and coil sanitizer (HVAC systems).

✔ NOT a perfume that masks odour.  It kills odour causing bacteria and mould, eliminating the problem at source.

✔ Our NEW more stable formula, has a vastly extended shelf life.

✔ Improved packaging with adjustable vents on the cream pack lids allow users to control the evaporation rate.

✔ Spray version is available for hand sprayers and fogging machines.

✔ Can be used in ANY enclosed building, room, or marine vessel.

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